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Bakerstreet Inc. provides Privacy Policy to explain how collects uses information in Our applications or websites.

Basically,We are follow the law system in Japan that according to international standard.

1. About personal information
What type of information send and When is?

- NAME:Contact us directly
- Mail Address:Contact us directly
- telephone number:Contact us directly
- device information:Agree to notification that identify your device to share the information from others by apps.

Sometimes,popping up the alert to make sure "sending personal information"
during use our apps or browsing our site.
But we could not collect those type of information.

2. About treatment
We are build up strictly administration to avoid leakage of personal information.

3. About limitation of usage
We will not use information to unnecessary thing.

4. About information provide
We do not offer personal information to others without permission of individual.
But If authority order us to show it by legal way,We will obey.

5. About delete of personal information
When person who attribute personal information ask us to delete the information
We are follow it,If reason is proper.

6.About modification
We are review this policy regularly to improve.

-When change Privacy Policy or law,announce in this URL.
-If will change scope of agreement,We will get confirm again.

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